Who Are We?

How did we come together to form the Design Out Loud Group and who are we? Over the years, we have each followed our individual paths, delving into various areas such as human rights, photography, academic paper and report editing, community building, and design. As a result, we collectively possess a wealth of experience that we are excited to bring to this new endeavor. We cannot wait to work with you.


Renée Pangilinan

Renée Pangilinan is a multifaceted researcher, writer, and educator, dedicated to fostering a love of learning in the next generation. She is passionate about art, mathematics, and the intertwined histories that accompany them. Renée is also skilled in several computer programming languages including JavaScript, HTML/CSS, and Python.

Recently, Renée was the first employee at Mu Methods, where she co-wrote and published a technical paper detailing a social recovery paradigm for cryptocurrency wallets. Additionally, she contributed research and edits to 99 Variations on a Proof by Philip Ording, an examination of the various styles of mathematical proofs.

Read About Renée’s Passion Projects

Apart from her professional pursuits, Renée has undertaken various passion projects. In an exploration of the concept of nothingness and its use in art and philosophy, Renée writes poetry and essays, often blending scientific discoveries with existentialism. Her writing can be found on her website nothing-about.me. On occasion, Renée also co-hosts, edits, and produces a humorous podcast deconstructing current events, classical literature, and queer culture.


Tori Egherman

Tori Egherman is a versatile writer and researcher who has provided crucial support to activists across various fields by helping them with reporting, editing, and communications. She is particularly dedicated to assisting first-generation academics in effectively communicating their research findings. She offers editing and coaching services as well as training on how to convey complex ideas to lay audiences. Tori’s insightful articles on Iran have been published in respected outlets such as Heartbeat Iran, Tehran Bureau, and the Guardian. Above all, Tori is passionate about the power of communications and storytelling to drive positive change.

Read About Tori’s Passion Projects

In addition to her professional endeavors, Tori is currently working on the Jewish Manifesto, a collaborative project with Jewish and Jewish-adjacent folks in the Netherlands. She leads conversations twice a month aimed at fostering community and co-creating a document that captures the hopes, fears, and dreams of the Jewish community in the Netherlands for the future. Check out the Instagram page.

Tori also holds the position of assistant director at FFS (Fifth Friday Sisterhood, although sometimes it’s For F**k’s Sake). FFS is a storytelling platform that provides a safe space for vulnerable individuals and communities to share their stories. FFS facilitates the development of skills and talents that empower participants as change-makers on their personal journeys.


Kamran Ashtary

Kamran Ashtary is an accomplished designer, artist, and human rights activist with a career dedicated to promoting justice and rights. As the former managing director of Arseh Sevom, he combined his passion for communication and social justice to support civil society activists in Persian-speaking communities. With over 20 years of experience, Kamran has managed several million-dollar projects, exhibiting strong leadership and management skills.

After leaving Iran in the early 1980s, Kamran attended The Cooper Union in New York and The Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam to pursue his passion for art.

Kamran’s expertise in media and human rights advocacy has led him to give lectures in Budapest, Athens, Berlin, New York, and Amsterdam, sharing his experiences of working in closed societies. For four years (2009-2013), he was a speaker for Amnesty International’s Movies that Matter Festival, highlighting the importance of art and human rights in today’s world. He also collaborated with Amnesty Netherlands to develop and deliver human rights education to secondary school students.

Read About Kamran’s Passion Projects

In addition to his professional achievements, Kamran is deeply committed to several passion projects. He enjoys playing squash and often coaches young people in the sport. Kamran loves to cook for friends and family and friends and family love to have him cook for them. Additionally, he has created thousands of images and photographs that explore both historical and personal trauma, as well as the beauty of the world around him.

Kamran is an author, editor, and photographer. He co-authored the popular blog View from Iran and published the book Iran: View from Here. His photographs were featured in the book Iran Ist Anders, published in Switzerland. He is also the designer and editor of the book Hope, Votes & Bullets, and his latest work, Connecting Memories, documents his research into the Holocaust through photographs, illustrations, and essays.



Ruth Egherman

Ruth has a lot of experience in arts marketing. She’s worked with DC’s visionary Arena Theater, the San Francisco Ballet, Sydney Symphony in Australia, San Francisco Symphony, the Shedd Aquarium, Seattle Children’s Hospital, and is now located at Livermore Valley Arts. And they are lucky to have her. Over the course of her career, she has helped raise millions of dollars for arts organizations by helping them build sustainable membership programs and through individual fundraising. She’s helped fill theaters with excited audience members by creating programs for people who wouldn’t normally attend. When we need advice, Ruth’s a phone call away. And believe me, she picks up our calls.