Pages of the graphic essay book: Hope, votes and Bullets

Typography and Books

We design books and brochures for digital reading and as printed and bound objects. Whether you like to hold a book in your hands and feel the heft of it, or read online, we believe it should be beautiful and well-designed. We love books and are avid readers. We also love to design books.

Take a look at some of our book and brochure designs, showcasing the diverse range of clients and projects that we have had the privilege of working on. The Design Out Loud team has worked with clients from all industries and backgrounds, from small non-profits just starting up to well-established organizations like UNICEF. Our goal is to create stunning and impactful designs that capture the essence of each project.

Book Design: Hope, Votes & Bullets; Edited by Kamran Ashtary, Tori Egherman, and Fred Andon Petrossians. The cover is a photograph of a woman in hijab calling out from a rooftop in Tehran, by Pietro Masturzo (World Press Photo of the Year, 2009

Our portfolio includes designs in right-to-left languages, such as Persian and Hebrew, which required careful attention to typography and layout to ensure readability and cultural appropriateness. We have also tackled projects that required heavy use of graphics, such as photo books and annual reports.

Book design of Talmud commentary for the first inclusive Kollel in Europe: Ze Kollel. Includes text and images from multiple contributors. From left: Cover and back cover in inset: Battle for Your Life, Babylon and a sample of inside pages; Cover and back cover in inset: A Nazir(ah) and inside pages

These projects often required us to create illustrations, make infographics, and
select the right images to bring the content to life.

In addition, we have also worked on projects that were text-heavy, such as
academic books and research reports. Here, our team’s focus on clear
typography and layout helped to make the content easily accessible and
visually appealing.

Book design: Tussen beroep en roeping, by Bert Taken. Text heavy book with images.

Each project presented its own challenges and opportunities, and our team
worked closely with clients to understand their needs and goals, and to deliver
designs that exceeded their expectations.