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Our mission is to build long-term partnerships with organizations that are working to improve the world we live in.

We believe in the power of design to tell great stories, communicate information, and evoke action.

What does it mean to design out loud? It’s about making a statement and taking a stand. It’s also about figuring things out together. When we design out loud, we make decisions based on conversations, research, and observations. We work in consultation with a client, ensuring a shared understanding of the work from beginning to end.

By working closely together throughout the design process, we can ensure that we all share an understanding of the project’s goals and can work together to achieve them. This approach emphasizes the importance of transparency, flexibility, and client satisfaction, and can lead to better results in the long run.

Check out a selection of some of the visual work we have over the years below.

What Makes Us Stand Out?

Before starting this company, we discussed just what it is that makes our approach to our work so special? Is it our curiosity? Our experience negotiating multiple cultures, multiple languages, even multiple identities? Is it our approach to a problem or our understanding of multiple domains? The answer to all of these questions is yes.

All of these things make us special. We also realized that it is our humanity that makes us special. We’re flawed, imperfect, and always striving to do better. At times we can make the kinds of illogical leaps that lead to new ways of viewing a problem. This is a very human trait.

We know that a whole new era of communications is coming: one where AI makes images and writes text. It’s here already, and we cannot ignore it. We also know that in a world where AI and technology do things that humans do, there is a special place for the human touch.

Every technology brings changes with it. And every new advance enlarges our capacity for creative expression. It opens new and exciting worlds to us, and it also makes us value the craft of a studied hand, the slight imperfections of human touch. There is always a place for things done with care and imagination even in a world of technology and AI. Perhaps, especially in that world.

Work with us, and we will bring all of our nuance and experience to your project. We will ask questions, communicate often, and share solutions.

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Selected Clients

UNICEF, Unilever, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, Siemens, Siebel, Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose, Canada Consulate, Hivos, Brooklyn Children's Museum, TEDxLondon, UAF, movies that matter, TEDxAmsterdam, Symphony San Jose, Palo Alto Junior Museum & Zoo, Radio Zamaneh, United for Iran, Disney

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